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Cette offre d’emploi n’est plus d’actualité.
Fonction 1:
Fonction 2: -
Niveau d'expérience requis : De 10 à 20 ans
Secteur d'activité : Autres services
Région : Casablanca et région | Maroc
Publication : du 24/01/2020 au 24/03/2020
Type de contrat : CDI
Poste avec Management : Oui
Postes proposés : 1

Head of Legal Affairs (Casablanca)

Entreprise :

ORH Assessment, filiale du groupe LMS ORH, est un cabinet conseil en recrutement qui offre également des prestations en Assessment et prend en charge l’organisation de concours pour le compte de grandes entreprises publiques et privées.

Poste :

Your main mission is as follows :

  • To assist define the strategy of the legal department in relation to overall company strategy
  • To manage the corporate legal department of the company and portfolio companies
  • To add value to and be the “backbone” of the Group business and portfolio companies and facilitate business strategies development
  • To ensure that company operates within the law at all times, offer counsel on legal issues.
  • To limit risk exposure
  • To support all managerial levels in all legal aspects
  • To liaise with the company lawyers and other legal external advisors including litigations and legal advices, notary procedures…
  • To ensure effective legal clerk function within the Board of Director and shareholders meetings

Details of the main activities :

  • Provide expert strategic legal advice to the top management and to the Group’s portfolio companies
  • Set and control internal governance policies
  • Anticipate issues, estimate risks and identify proactive solutions
  • Share information and legal monitoring
  • Represent the company within legal authorities
  • Ensure effective  implementation of all legal formalities following the Board of Direction and shareholders meetings
  • Plan and manage all aspects of the organization’s legal affairs and ensures maximum protection of its legal rights
  • Lead the defence of the organization in lawsuits and the prosecution of lawsuits on behalf of the organization against others
  • Provide legal expertise to other departments and portfolio companies where needed
  • Review and negotiates company and portfolio companies contracts, requests for proposals and other legal documents

Profil recherché :

  • Master degree from a school of law or university
  • A total of 10 to 15 years of experience with at least 5 years as a Legal Affairs Manager
  • Deep knowledge of Moroccan Corporate Law and legislation, Litigations, Labor law, Tax law
  • Notions of Accounting and Finance
  • In-depth understanding of how legal issues affect organizations
  • Organization of legal records
  • Ability to develop legal strategy and objectives
  • Ability to anticipate legal issues or risks and to ‘see around the corner”
  • Team Management
  • Very good mastery of Arabic and English

Type de contrat :